• 501(c)(3) Advice and Corporate Recordkeeping

    Religious nonprofit corporations have special needs and requirements. Our corporate attorneys have expertise in counseling churches and ministries to meet the requirements of the law, including reporting requirements. Our attorneys also counsel our religious nonprofit clients on employment matters.

  • Formation and Governance (nonprofit)

    • Entity Type and Domicile
    • Founders’ Agreements 
    • Financing
    • Employee Relations
    • Record-Keeping and Regulatory Compliance
    • Business formations both in California and out of state
    • Creation and operation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other forms of doing business
    • Buy-sell, voting and other types of agreements among founders
    • Advice to employers on all employment matters
  • Trade Associations and Not For Profit Entities

    Our attorneys understand the special needs of trade associations and nonprofit entities. We specialize in helping these corporations deal effectively with governance, succession, and corporate records, as well as employment matters and dispute resolution.